Captain Sol


Captain Sol, the Captain Sol Committee and the Captain Sol Brigade

October 27, 2021

Captain Sol is a superhero by virtue of his powers. He learned how to capture the energy of the sun and uses his powers to help promote the use of solar electricity.

Although, originally created as a blonde, male, athletic action figure, Captain Sol has evolved to all humans who decide to embody the spirit of the superhero. By helping homeowners and businesses transition from traditional energy sources to solar power, Captain Sol is using his power to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and drastically reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.  Carbon based fuels are expensive and harmful to the environment. For the first time in history, solar electricity is (or can be) the least expensive form of electricity and is the most practical way to directly tackle climate change.

Perhaps the most direct benefit to homeowners and businesses that transition to solar power is saving money. Captain Sol acts as a liaison between consumers and solar installers or other methods, to include DIY and educational programs to guide consumers through the solar power transition process. The win-win is that consumers save money and by “going solar” do their part to tackle the devastation of climate change.



Created and designed by Winston Riley in 2020,he is no longer restricted to gender, color, body style, age, sexual preference or religious affiliation. The only requirement to be Captain Sol and a registered member of the “Captain Sol Brigade” is to take the oath and promise to help anyone interested in solar power without prejudice and to agree to do so to the net benefit of the planet, and not solely for financial gain.

Originally owned and managed by Bask Solar Company of Lee’s Summit, MO, the Captain Sol Founder and creator, Winston Riley desires to legally donate all rights of Captain Sol copyright and patents to the solar industry.

Captain Sol imagery is iconic and attention getting and will be an effective leader of the solar industry, especially for the education of our most treasured resource, children and young adults engaged in public education K-12.

Through educational programing, scholarships, career path development, internships, work programs, community outreach and an endless array of collaborative efforts, to include the formation of a national coalition of teachers, students and business leaders, the goal of the Captain Sol Committee is to become a self-sustaining foundation.